Let FinnGuru to take care of your business guests

“HELP! Business visitors are coming already tomorrow – what to do?”

Receiving and managing business guests is an everyday thing for most companies. But have you ever thought what the visitors will do in their spare time? What if you would let that matter to be FinnGuru’s problem?

Guest Care-service offers a solution

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone to receive your guests already at the airport, and would see that they get to their hotel easily and safely? At the same time your guests would meet a local specialist who could tell the best tips of the location.

And in the hotel room, along with the normal welcome message, could be a pre-planned schedule for the free time. Along with all the equipment and other essentials for the successful experiences.

You can also arrange to have a meeting with the local guide in the hotel lobby. Guide can introduce your guests all the best local services and places. Maybe your guests would like to explore places on their own? Or they might want to have guided tours? Both options are easy to arrange.

Key to a better meeting

Your business meetings will be easier if your guests are well-rested. A good business trip includes more than meetings and tasty business lunches. It could be combined with a mini-holiday.

Why not let FinnGuru to take care of your business guests? We take care of your guests completely. We plan the interesting, entertaining and relaxing programmes, choose the best options for these and make reservations. And if needed, we’ll be present to make sure everything is running smoothly.

* You can check out our Guest Care service through here.

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