How do your guests spend their free time? Wouldn’t it be great if you could leave the entertaining to professionals and focus fully on the business aspects of your event?!

Organizing meetings, congresses and other events is an important part of a modern company or organization. We Finns are known for our efficient and functional meetings, but that alone is not enough.

It is in fact a memorable and unique evening and free time program that makes a successful event! It is these programs and hosts that our guests think back to time after time. But tailoring a balanced program takes up valuable time…

FinnGuru Guest Care-service is the answer to this problem!

  • We take your guests to a Finnish forest to listen to the silence and to take a deep breath.
  • We guide your guests to the heart of the town to rummage through little boutiques and admire the urban nature.
  • We show your guests why Finnish design is world renowned.
  • We introduce your guests to ordinary Finns who invite them to their homes.
  • We offer your guests a chance to learn Finnish handicrafts – they can make their own souvenirs.
  • We help your guests to find the healing effects of our arctic nature.

FinnGuru tailors a unique program fitting your and your group’s needs.

FinnGuru’s professional network covers the whole country and provides your guest program with a new take on efficiency and innovativeness. You can stop worrying and fully focus on building your event while professionals take care of your guests. At the same time, you save time, resources and money.

FinnGuru Guest Care-service offers you

  • Program planning and programs
  • Tour leader and local guides
  • Transportation services
  • Meal services

Tell us who you are and what is your organization as well as what kind of visitor group you need to entertain.

FinnGuru will step up and take care of all bookings and arrangements for you. If you want, you can also outsource your whole group management to FinnGuru e.g. for six months at a time. We offer you a one-stop service and take care of your guests as our own; all with efficiency, style and professional experience.

As a FinnGuru client, you will get what you were promised, as was promised and when was promised.

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