Introducing – Elisa Wilen, mother of FinnGuru

Who am I

I am Elisa, the mother of a beautiful little girl, tourism professional and an independent entrepreneur.

What little free time I have I spend with my daughter and our friends, enjoying nature activities and living the Finnish life together. Wild unharnessed nature is an important part of my daily life even though I live right next door to the capital city Helsinki.

The love of my life is my beautiful homeland Finland; it’s clean nature, unique people and characteristic way of life. I love Finland from head to toe, north to south, in all seasons. I was born in the capital city Helsinki but my roots are deep in the soil of Eastern-Finland and Lapland.

The years I spent abroad taught me to see the uniqueness of my homeland and sharing that with others warms my heart unlike anything else.

What motivates me

I am a typical Finn: I’m interested in the thoughts and experiences of our foreign visitors. We are a hospitable nation and do want to make sure our guests enjoy themselves and experience things they couldn’t come across anywhere else in the world.

I am a trained professional in the field of travel and tourism and have been working in different positions all across Finland. I couldn’t help but notice how interested our international guests were in Finland and the Finns.

I want to do my part in helping our visitors to find the reality of Finland me and other ordinary Finns live in. We have so much to give to the world!

How FinnGuru came to be

The tourism services now on offer for our visitors do not show the most interesting sides of us Finns. It is the simple and mundane things in our domestic life that offer new perspectives and unexpected experiences to our foreign guests.

FinnGuru was born to give me a way to answer the challenge to help our visitors to find the essence of all things Finnish with ease and security. I myself don’t need to know everything: the strength of FinnGuru are the local professionals ready to serve our guests.

The heart of FinnGuru is a group of ordinary Finns who share my love for our homeland and the desire to share it with our guests. Our team consists of professionals from different walks of life who offer their services with heartfelt dedication.

What is my goal

I want to make the ordinary Finnish lifestyle accessible. Through FinnGuru I want to offer our guests interesting, unique, high quality and easy to reach products and services. I want to guarantee my clients’ satisfaction by ensuring the experiences provided by FinnGuru are offered from the bottom of our hearts and with best service we can muster.

Welcome to Finland, we are already waiting for you!

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