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How many balls can you juggle simultaneously?

Guest groups are an important part of modern business practices for businesses, societies and schools alike. We invite a group of possible future collaborators and interest groups for a visit to be able to present ourselves and our agenda. We know our stuff and are well on top of presenting the facts of our business, but the free time itinerary should also support out cause.

Expecting us to have the time, knowledge and skills to build a supporting evening itinerary or entertain the avecs in addition to sculpting the business message we want to relay is a lot to ask! We of course want to have our business agenda to show also after hours. We want our guests to feel our presence throughout the whole visit, even when they are in the National Park flaming salmon on open fire or scouting out the local boutiques.

Luckily there are professionals to help us out!

The hosts seldom have the possibility to follow the guests from morning to night, so the wisest move is to contact professional program providers. Our guests will undoubtedly be handled well, but does our company and agenda show up during the extra curriculum activities? Professional program providers do of course know how to represent the host that hired them, but what if there are more than one provider?

The itinerary of the visiting group might entail e.g. a berry picking excursion to the National Park, an atmospheric dinner in a manor house, an evening at a dancing pavilion, a visit to an art gallery, a chamber music concert, an evening at a lakeside sauna – and each program has their own provider. When do we have the time to make sure they all know us and the purpose of the group’s visit well enough?

Team building in the forest

Organizing an event takes up a lot of recourses, there just isn’t time to investigate local program options, coordinate the group’s timetables, look for a suitable transportation and on top of that brief each program provider to the hosting company’s operation and values.

Worry not, FinnGuru’s Guest Care Project Manager is here to help!

The purpose of Guest Care-service is to free the event planner to focus on their core knowhow. FinnGuru appoints a Project Manager to the event and the PM familiarizes themselves with the operations of the hosting company well before the visit. The event organizer only has to deal with their own Project Manager!

The Project Manager designs a program that supports the agenda of the visit, selects and briefs the suitable program providers from our extensive network of professionals, designs the itinerary, takes care of transportation and keeps every little detail firmly in their hands. FinnGuru builds the program so that the individual evening programs form a coherent whole that also ties into the purpose of the event.

When the guests think the host of each program is working for the hosting company, FinnGuru has succeeded!

Guest Care-service can be purchased for only one group of guests, but when it is used during a longer period and with several groups, it is at its most effective. Once the Guest Care Project Manager has been briefed by the hosting company, all the consecutive groups are hosted to the same standard.

* You can find out more about the Guest Care-service through this link. Please do send us a message, we are happy to tell you more!

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