FinnGuru® is a network of professionals working in the field of tourism all around Finland, ready to lead our visitors to the most authentic local services.

The service model of FinnGuru was developed by tourism entrepreneur Elisa Wilen; you can get to know her better through here.

FinnGuru® provides a sustainable and flexible service of high quality. For us, the key person is our client; we listen to them with a keen ear. Our mission is to find the most authentic experiences and the most unique services for our client with the help of our network of local experts from every corner of Finland.

FinnGuru® is a service that provides a unique viewpoint to the Finnish way of life for those travelling in in Finland.

Our clients are
  • Companies, organizations and universities that have visitor groups
  • Tour Operators bringing their clients to Finland
  • Individual groups touring Finland, in need of local helpdesk support
  • Individual travellers

What to tell our guests about Finland? Deep blue sky, brilliant white snow, crystal clear lakes, dense wild forests, quiet, peace, a country with room to breathe. Clean cities, Finnish design, distinctive architecture, art, music, food, unique way of life.

Finland is all of this, but also much more besides. Finland is an enchanting country that reveals its uniqueness only after closer inspection. We love our beautiful country and want to share its best qualities with our visitors. Let us find the perfect solutions for you!

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“My Finland is beautiful and interesting from every angle and in any season. The goings-on of the locals and the most mundane aspects of our lives are often the highlights of the trip for our visitors – they are the essence of a memorable experience!”

Elisa Wilen, FinnGuru®